Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brick walls

Walking in a group, being myself and making everybody laugh, one of them said I was a living cartoon character, most people say that I'm absolutely insane, out of my mind crazy. That there really is something deeply wrong with me that's equally fascinating and disturbing. I was making crazy faces and singing songs that don't rhyme at the top of my lungs. Slipping and sliding across ice covered parking lots acting a fool, and laughing my ass off at how much fun it is. Eventually somebody said what everybody else says, what's wrong with you. They always smile when they ask me like it's going to give them better chances when I answer. I continued to have fun, while replying to his question i was spinning in circles on the ice and pretending to be the conductor of a symphony. And I said good sir you will never Know all the women I took to bed, things i've done or places that I've been. How many crowds of people have cheered my name, And how after doing that and then living normal life how little I care.
They looked perplexed as I started skating away on some more ice, and I ended up asking a question that I didn't know I had asked myself, but I'd inadvertently answered.
What would you do. If you truly acted they way you wanted, if you said what you were thinking about, did the things that you desired, and chose not to be defined by the opinions of the people in your life that chose not to love you because of who you really are.
Would you find yourself to be a lot more like me.
They didn't understand, they're brick walls, sheeple as a man I know calls them.

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