Monday, January 24, 2011

Not long ago we fought two world wars, completely industrialized our country, and sent men into space. While all of this was going on. people, I'm firmly convinced were much like they are today. But there was something that held certain human tendencies at bay. Something I talk about quite a bit. Consequences. People knew they needed to mind they're goddamned p's and q's. Because not long ago opening your mouth gave people the unspoken right to help you close it.
Rats snitches and stupid women are the only creatures on earth who you can't be surprised about talking.
I'm not allowed to beat the shit out of somebody who talks about what I write on this blog, I can't threaten you, I can't do anything but call you what you are. And I've stated those things above, you might be convinced you know who this is, the people or places I discuss in this blog. But non names are used, and that means your an asshole for believing you could know something that can't be confirmed. If common sense could be taught, the first lesson of it would be... Mind your own mother fucking god damned cunt sucking business, not just here. In your daily life, amongst your friends family coworkers, colleagues subordinates and enemies.
Don't stick your overly inquisitive conclusion jumping nose in other peoples shit.
I'll tell anybody that, straight up face to face, at gun point, nailed to a cross, with my tattooed dick of justice on a chopping block.
These things are none of your concern. Have a nice day.

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