Saturday, February 26, 2011

Salt water

I miss the time when there was fear in our society. I miss the wild wests simple sense of justice, the romans crucifixions and the Spartan lykurgis. I'm tired of this idiotic be good to one another at any cost bullshit. People don't deserve good. They deserve base ball bats to they're faces and knees. The sharp sensation of being thrown to asphalt, and the lovely backhand of the stern older man to be reckoned with that had some semblance of an idea of what the fuck he was talking about. Fuck your goddamned equality, your political correctness and above all, fuck you, you weakling watered down pathetic excuses for Men and women that use the freedoms of this great country only enough to make sure we all lose more and more of them every day. I shit on all of you. Fuck you. You pathetic fucking whorish little fucks, you cowardly idiotic uneducated softened politically correct overly apologetic dipshits. I hope you burn in a hell that reflects how poorly and gutlessly you lived your miserable fucking lives.

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