Saturday, March 5, 2011


Life is a crock of shit. I hate young people, and old people, I despise happiness in others because I know it's a sign of they're own goddamned stupidity. What the fuck do you have to be so happy about? Some girl spread her legs for you? You got a pay raise? You love your car or enjoy your job? Maybe the weather is super beautiful today. Shut the fuck up you glass half full assholes. It's only a matter if time before your companies bought out the season Changes And your dumb fuck woman acts like one and looks for herself on a different set of sheets. I wish I had a magic button I could push that would enlighten the world. Give them a second or two of clarity. Your going to die you morons. Every fucking one of you, your not going to cheat the system beat the house or win the game. You were finished before you started. Your fucked, your dead men walking.

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