Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adam was robbed.

You realize that the only criteria that most if the men in the world judge a woman on is looks. AND THEY ACTUALLY COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!!! gimmie a god damned break. This whole empowering the fairer sex thing is cool to a point but now it's getting ridiculous. I'm normally a pretty level headed guy. Never been in cuffs. Pay my taxes do my job. But nothing on earth pusses me off more than a woman who tries to act like she could survive a fistfight with a man. They get raised to believe they ought to be treated like a princess from the second they could speak a language and actually believe it. Seriously I wish I had a button that could make every dick in the world turn off for a week. So all the weak fucking morons who think with the southern Brain could realize how abused the system is. Pretty womens lives revolve around them being pretty. They'll say a thousand times oh I wish people didn't look at me. Yeah fuckin right try being ugly for an hour. Ugly women get all embittered about the fact that men aren't decent. I'm so sick of human sexuality I could scream. Get over yourselves. You have a vagina I get it. We as men are programmed to fuck as many of you as possible and it's not an accomplishment you can turn heads. Stay the fuck away from me. All of you.

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