Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Burn in hell

I'm so... I feel so... I want I need I think I wish. A constant barrage of iditic bullshit is showered on me by people who feel way too much way to goddamned often. Turn on your brain and actually think about what your saying for once. Take in to account, that i personally do not have one single compassionate fiber in all my being for a person that chooses to base the way they behave off they're feelings.
People are so fucking butthurt about the littlest shit. I don't ever remember anybody telling the people who were after my social or physical nuts to tone it down because it was wrong. I remember the people who cracked jaws and kicked ribs because we were on the same side of the fence. I dont care if you think you have the right to act like your hard until the squeeze sets. And then act like the broken fucking man for sympathy because you don't have the goddamned salt to deal with your lot. I'm sure you don't agree. Go fall down some stairs and tell your whiny bitch to empathize with you. I don't care if your a woman, I don't care if your a man. This is my advice to all of you, you want to know the reason most thngs don't work out in your life? It's because you think because you feel a certain way that it gives you the right to voice it. Screw your stupid open healthy relationship crock, act like an adult. And for all you fucking simpletons, that means shut your goddamned mouth.   

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